Georgie thought she’d lost her spark for good. Ryan was determined to reignite her flame.

When a building fell on Georgie Quinn, her life changed forever. Battered and broken, she makes her way to the seaside town of Blessed Inlet. She no sooner arrives than she’s falling (literally) into the arms of gorgeous, blue-eyed Irishman Ryan O’Shannessy.

Believing her scars make her ugly, Georgie doesn’t trust the heat she sees burning in Ryan’s eyes. But when he makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she surrenders to the desire that’s sizzling between them.

Convinced that Ryan could never live with her scars, Georgie's fears threaten to take over as her feelings for him grow.

Can Georgie see herself through Ryan’s eyes and trust that he loves her, scars and all?

Cover design by Angela Haddon

Come Back to Blessed Inlet one last time for book #4. Available now on Amazon (Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback)!

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